Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Economist: Best Books of 2008

The Economist recently came out with its list of best books of 2008. Some interesting suggestions on there and they focus almost entirely on non-fiction. Strangely I've found it hard to find well curated lists of non-fiction titles... I'm optimistic this list will lead me to some gems I wouldn't have considered.

I've already read a couple on their list and both were excellent... 

The Logic of Life - a fun read about the quirky nature of humans and the world we life in. Also in the words of Amazon... if you liked Predictably Irrational, you'll like The Logic of Life.

Nixonland - an very detailed, but fascinating history of Nixon and how his flavor of politics left an indelible impression on America. Want to understand the culture wars? Start here.

After I finish reading Snowball I'll read a few others and let you know.